High blood sugar during pregnancy refers to the presence of excessive blood sugar in pregnant women.

There are typically two types of diabetes, type (i) and type (ii) diabetes. During pregnancy, any woman having high blood sugar is usually said to have gestational diabetes. However, this article focuses on type 1 diabetes pregnancy treatment.

Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Treatment – Doctors Guide

Eating healthy diet, doing regular exercises, blood sugar monitoring and insulin therapy are type 1 diabetes treatment.

Pregnant women being treated for type 1 diabetes during pregnancy try to get their blood glucose level as close to normal as possible. This is accomplished by taken daily multiple injections or the use of an insulin pump. This is referred to as intensive therapy. The closer blood sugar levels remain as to normal as possible, the lower the risk of developing long-run complications.

A continual replacement for therapy with insulin is the principal medication for type 1 diabetes treatment. Insulin treatment method needs to be injected. It cannot be taken by mouth, as it is broken down in the stomach. There are different types of insulin, distinctive as rapid-acting, intermediate-acting, short-acting, and long-acting.

The premixed types of insulin’s are also available in pharmacy. These are short or rapid-acting and intermediate-acting insulin’s mixed together. The required amount of insulin you may need depends on a number of controlling factors such as:

  1. Your weight.
  2. The amount of fat and muscle you have.
  3. How much you exercise and foods you eat.

Since type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed more early, it is often advised to treat it on time to keep it as possible in the right range to avert further complications.

Most women with type 1 diabetic take up 3 to 4 injections daily or use an insulin pump. Insulin pumps are more common in the treatment of type 1 diabetes instead of taken multiple daily injections. Insulin pumps are devices that have a small tube inserted under the skin attached to a small pump containing insulin. The pump contains insulin and is programmed to deliver little amounts of insulin as per programmed schedule.

Furthermore, a balanced nutrition is also vital, especially a dietary plan recommended by a dietitian is way of fighting diabetes. Adhering to healthy, balance foods plan can helps controlling blood sugar. Doing regular exercise also helps to improving blood sugar in the body.

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