Top Danger Pregnancy Signs – Pregnant Women Watch Out For!

Women in their pregnancy days need to be aware of some possible danger signs of pregnancy. These signs are not to be overlooked when they are notice because they can lead to loss of pregnancy and also poses danger to mother during child delivery. Some of these signs listed here are of great concern if ever notice, ensure to visit the hospital or contact a medical expert to examine you for possible solution.


Bleeding is one of the danger signs of pregnancy, when you notice the flow of blood coming out from your vagina during pregnancy, this is a sign of miscarriage (loss of baby) or some times when pregnancy is up to 6 month ( may mean the placenta is blocking the birth opening).

What can you do at first? Lie quietly and call for health expert.

What not to do? Never try to put anything inside your vagina if that will stop flow of blood.

Severe anemia

Another notable danger to pregnancy is when you as a pregnant woman is suffering from severe state of anemia. This is when a pregnant woman is very weak, tired and has pale or transparent skin. When this is not treated on time may lead to mother loss at child birth due to loss of blood. Ensure you call for medical assistance immediately you notice this condition so that it can be treated on time before it results to more serious situation.

Swelling of the feet, hands, and face with headache, dizziness and sometimes blurred viewing are also danger pregnancy signs. During pregnancy, swelling of any parts of the body is ready signs of toxemia or poison pregnancy. Sudden weight gain, high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine are other signs.

How can you detect these danger pregnancy signs?

Some of them can be detected by their symptoms why others are through medical check-up. So it is very important for a pregnant woman to know when she is noticing little changes to her body and health. This will help you guide against any threat that may affect you and your pregnancy. To prevent these top dangers signs endeavor to go for medical checkup during pregnancy days at least twice in a month to know your present condition.