Types of Child Delivery Types

Child delivery is categories into different delivery types. For a pregnant woman who is about going into the labor room in no distance time, there is a need for a baby scan to know your baby position in your womb. The position of your child determines how your baby will be delivered by the doctors in charge. After performing the scanning and your baby position has been detected then you and your doctor have to engage in a discussion to choose the best option or alternative option in case complication arises during child birth.

Types of Child Delivery Types

Vaginal birth: This is the common form of baby delivery which is normal delivery process where the child head appear first then the doctor(s) in charge guides your baby through the vaginal canal. The vaginal birth process is known as the best delivery method for both mother and baby.

Cesarean section (C-section)—surgery to deliver the baby: This has to do with surgical operation of baby delivery. Here the doctor removes the baby by making a cut through the abdomen and uterus. This surgery is relatively safe for both mother and child. Off course it is a surgery so there might be some risks involved and also in C-section delivery, mothers take longer time to recover compare to the vaginal birth.

Breech presentation: Here the baby’s feet or buttocks are in position to appear first. The doctor may try to turn the baby or suggest a C-section.

Induced labor delivery:  This form of child delivery medicines and other methods are adopted to jump-start the birth process.
Assisted birth: this is simple way method, your doctor uses forceps or suction to deliver the child.

These deliveries types will help you to take the wiser decision as a pregnant mother who is in child labor depending on your doctor recommendation for you, so as to ensure maximum form of safe delivery