Stages of pregnancy: First, Second and Third Trimester.

Pregnancy undergoes many stages before a mother can ever give birth to their young ones and it’s essential a pregnant woman know the basic stages involved.

If you are a woman that is getting to getting pregnant for the first, this articles discussing about the stages of pregnancy will be helpful to you to knowing the exact stage your pregnancy has undergo and also helps you to know how your baby is doing and interacting and this will enable you in preparation for your baby delivery.

Therefore pregnancy systematically undergo through 3 stages and this week will last for at least 40 weeks taking the mathematics right from the time you last missed your monthly period.

The very first stage of pregnancy is called the FIRST TRIMESTER while the next is SECOND TRIMESTER and the last is Called the THIRD TRIMESTER of pregnancy stages

The First trimester

The first trimester usually starts from week one to end in week twelve (week 1 and week 12). During this period your baby major organs are formed. Here the ears and eyes are can be seen if you ever go for scan checkup. Other sign you’ll begin to notice is your baby movement pushing your abdomen. During the last week of the first stage your baby is grown up to three inches weighing about an ounce.

Second Trimester

The second trimester starts from week 13th to end in week 28th. During this period all the major organs formed at the first trimester such as the eyelashes, eyebrows, toes, fingers starts to function or moves. At this time your baby can perform some reflex action by sucking their thumbs. The weight of your child will be around one and half pounds and twelve inches long.

Third Trimester

Finally, the last stage involve during pregnancy is the third trimester which start from week 29th to week 40th. During this stage, your baby movement increases (You might notice the baby dropping or moving lower in your abdomen). He or she may start to kicks more frequently. Also at this time your baby gains about half a pound a week.

Knowing the pregnancy trimesters is very important to know how your child is doing at each trimester. It will also help you to organizing yourself towards delivery