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Many health experts and midwives encourage pregnant women to go for regular parental  check-ups (before birth) and to talk about their health need. If you’re a pregnant and you’ve the chance to go for some of these pregnancy check-ups, you’ll learn many things to help you guard against problems and have a healthier baby.

You as a midwife, you can also provide an important service to mothers to be (and babies to be) by inviting them to come for parental care or check during pregnancy periods or by going to see them often. It is a nice idea to visit them once a month for the first 6 months (week 1 – week 24)  of their pregnancy, twice a month during the 7 and 8 months ( week 25 – week 33) and once weekly during the last 4 weeks (week 40) before child delivery.

Here are some important things pregnancy check should cover. That is what a medical worker or midwives in charge of a pregnant patient can share with her:

Sharing information

First ask her about her problems and need. Find out how many pregnancy she had, before she had her last baby and any problems she may have had during the pregnancy (child birth). Talk with her about ways she can help herself and her baby to be in healthy state includes

  • Encouraging her to eating energy foods and also foods rich in proteins, vitamin, iron and calcium
  • Importance of no smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks and not using drugs that can harm her child
  • The need to take tetanus vaccination to prevent tetanus in newborns and also getting enough exercise and rest.

Nutrition question to ask a pregnant woman

Does the mother look well-nourished or is she anemic? If so, discuss the ways of eating better. Also discuss about how to handle morning sickness.
Is she gaining weight normally? Normally a pregnant woman is to gain 8 – 10 kilograms of weight during the nine months of pregnancy. If she stops gaining weight, that is a bad sign and also sudden weight gain in the last months is a danger sign in pregnancy.

Signs of danger and special risk

Check possible signs of toxemia of pregnancy or pregnancy risk problems including:

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Swelling of hands and face
  • Marked increase in blood pressure
  • Severe anemia  and any bleeding or learn more about danger signs in pregnancy

The growth and position of baby in the womb

Possible Check In Pregnancy - Pregnant Moms Tips

Midwives or doctors should feel the mother womb each time she comes up or show her how to do it herself. The most better way to knowing the baby growth and position is to do a baby scan. If after the scan is carried out, it appears that the baby is lying in one sideways, the mother should go to doctor before labor begins because an operation may be needed.

These tips share here are the most relevant question to ask a pregnant mother when they come for check during pregnancy. Discussing about how her and her baby can stay in good health such as nutrition during pregnancy, signs that are danger to pregnancy, things not to do and the well-being of the baby at the moment