19 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips and Guide

Congratulation you are half way gone pregnancy cycle. 19 weeks could be a surprising week for couple of reason. What do you expect this week?

19 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Body?

It’s your first pregnancy probably and you haven’t felt your baby movements. Great! There is a high probability that this week 19, you may begin to feel the soft flutter. Although at first, it may be difficult to tell if its baby’s movements. But soon you will discern the sensation even as your baby growth increases and more active.

Pregnancy week 19 could be the best time to do a level 2 ultrasound; this scan result gives a more details of your baby organs than the level 1 ultrasound which is usually performed during the first trimester weeks. The level 2 ultrasound reveals whether your baby is growing at a constant rate, position of the placenta, amniotic fluids level and also takes the fetal heart rate measurement. It will also tell the gender of your baby if you’ve not know before now.

19 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Body?

Some women tend to be more energized during second trimester and also fatigue is another challenge. If you’re already used to sleeping with your side, you may probably still be having a cool night’s sleep. But if incline to sleep on your back or stomach, your growing stomach will make these sleeping positions difficult. Adding pillows close to your stomach and in-between your legs may help. Avoiding caffeine intake and doing exercise during the day may also help you to sleep fine.

Frequent urination and thought about your baby could also make sleep difficult. Try engaging in stress lowering breathing exercise to help you relax during the day and even at night.

Weight gain, increase in your breast size and also noticing a darker line appearing in the middle of your stomach is another changes in 19 weeks pregnant symptoms. The line does fade away few weeks after birth.

19 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?


Your baby has grown so much during these 19 weeks pregnant but is still a little under 17.8 cm (7 inches) long and weighs about .2 kg.

During this week, there are harmful of new developments including: sensory parts of the brain development, kidneys producing urine and hair starts growing on your baby hair.

The soft, fine hair lanugo which covers your baby body is also appearing. In addition, the vermix caesosa and the oily substance that protects your baby skin while in the womb starts forming.

If your baby is a girl, her uterus has formed and her ovaries should contain about 5 million plus eggs. That’s amazing.

What Pregnancy Symptoms To Expect?

By now morning sickness or nausea experienced early in your pregnancy should have be resolve. If you still feel any signs of illness, speak with your health care provider about how to cope with or treatment.

Ginger and peppermint are natural remedies that can help fight symptoms but it’s necessary you meet with your health care provider for medications or herbal remedies.

Eating little and more frequent meals may also help solve nausea and it’s also vital to stay hydrated always throughout pregnancy weeks.

You could also feel round ligament pain. This pain is occasionally felt in the abdomen called round ligament pain. The pain may starts from one side of your abdomen or hip area but some time, pain is felt on both sides of your stomach and probably extend down to your groin. The pain usually can last for some seconds. What causes round ligament pain is as a result of standing up or coughing. You can ease ligament pain by moving slowly when standing or changing your position while lying or sitting down. And also avoid lifting anything heavy thing during the remaining pregnancy weeks.

Tips for Keeping Healthy Pregnancy

Most pregnant women go through dizziness when pregnant. Dizziness is often cause by low blood pressure or hypertension. When you sleep, your uterus relaxes on the aorta and the vena cava which is the major blood vessels transporter in your body.

The pressure on the blood vessels is called supine hypertension. Supine hypertension can be relieved by sleeping on your side instead of your back.

Also gravity causes blood pressure to drop, which results in you feeling dizzy; this can be prevented by standing slowly.




13 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

You’re about entering the last week of first trimester. Risk of miscarriage is minimal after this trimester. A sigh of relief should come to you as most miscarriage up to 80% occurs before this week 12. There are still numerous of changes happening to both you and your baby. Below is what to expect.

13 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

How are you at 13 weeks pregnant?

At pregnant weeks 13, your uterus is on its steady growth. By this week, you should be able to feel the top of your belly just above your pelvic bones. As result of this development, you’ll probably start feeling sharp lower abdominal pains known as round ligament pain when you change in position or when getting up. The amazing thing, the pains are harmless. If you are having pain alongside with bleeding, fever or chills, coh bleeding, fever or chills, contact your health care provider.

During this 13th week, there is also a significant changes happening to your breast. The breasts start producing colostrums which serves as the bedrock of the real breast milk formation. The colostrums are usually yellow in color, thick and sticky. So expect breast linkage often unless you experience discomfort or pain. But there is nothing to worry about, it’s normal in pregnancy.

How is your baby at 13 weeks pregnant?

This week your little one growth is about the size of an egg. The baby intestines, which have spent past several weeks developing in the umbilical cord, are returning to the abdomen.

The tissues surrounding your baby’s arms, legs and head is gradually fortifying into bone. Your baby has even started producing urine in the amniotic fluid.

During the next several weeks between 16th to 20th weeks, you’ll be able to detect your baby’s gender through ultrasound. In your next prenatal appointment visit, you should able to hear the heartbeat of your baby with the use of a Doppler machine. If it’s possible for you get your personal one for home use, that will be a good ideal but note, it can be challenging and sometimes creates anxiety if you are to do it yourself.

What pregnancy symptoms to expect?

Most women who are still experiencing nausea or fatigue can look forward to decreasing symptoms in the upcoming weeks. Now that you’ve enter 2nd trimester, pregnancy hormones should have giving way as your baby placenta takes over production.

Your belly continues to grow up and pushing out of your pelvis. If you’re still used to wearing normal wardrobes, it’s time to start shopping for maternity clothes because the old clothes should be tighter by this week. You can also shop for new bra as your breasts becomes larger. Be sure to shop for elastic types and only buy one or two as your breasts may continues to expand before delivery.

Round ligament pains may still be face by some women, the good thing you should be more energize at 13 weeks pregnant. Some say 2nd trimester is a honeymoon break of pregnancy because most symptoms have given out. So it’s a time to enjoy yourself before entry third trimester where other couple of symptoms like back pain, swollen ankles, leg cramps and sleepless night may befall you.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

Although symptoms of morning sickness may still be lingering and this may cause you loss of appetite. All things being equal, you still need to keep a healthy pregnancy irrespective of what your situation. If you have not yet started having proper balanced diet, this is the right time to begin with the best kind of foods for you and your baby. You can direct your eating plan on foods that are rich in minerals, fat and vitamins. Introducing lean proteins, eggs, beans and oily fish into your diet is a good start to pregnancy improvement. Whole grain meals are vital as well. Just remember to keep of:

  1. Raw eggs.
    2. Raw seafood, including sushi.
    3. Seafood high in mercury.
    4. Under-cooked meats.
    5. Some herbal teas.
    6. Unwashed fruits and vegetables.
    7. Caffeine and alcohol.
    8. Unpasteurized foods, which includes many soft cheeses.
    9. Lunch meats, though these are generally considered safe if you heat them up before eating.

Engaging in walking, swimming, jogging, yoga, and light weights exercise are also best practices for healthy pregnancy. If you have not started yet speak with your doctor on an exercise routine plan.


When to Call Your Doctor

Make it a habit to call your doctor whenever you’re having abdominal or pelvic cramping, bleeding or spotting as this is seen to be signs of miscarriage, although probability of having a miscarriage at this week is lesser.

Anxiety, depression or excessive tiredness is also known to be factors contributing to low preterm birth, birth weight and postpartum depression development. Call your doctor when these entire event manifest.



Top Pregnancy Questions for Mothers

8 Pregnancy Questions for Mothers

You’re pregnant yet you don’t know some of the relevant pregnancy questions relating to fetal conception. Pregnancy information has helped a lot of women and men looking for baby to have baby of theirs.

Are you pregnant or a woman looking forward to conceive, this pregnancy questions will do you lots of benefit. It’s never too late to getting familiar with these questions about pregnancy outline here.

Can you become pregnant following oral sex or heavy petting?

The answers is no, pregnancy only takes place when you meet with the opposite sex partner.

How do I know if I am pregnant?

If you have had sex after your last menstrual cycle and you’re late for your current period, there is tendency you may be pregnant. Also after a missed period, if you experience vomiting, nausea and tiredness or feel dizzy. These are symptoms of morning sickness in pregnancy which means you’re likely to be pregnant.

The best way to be sure if you’ve really conceived is to purchase and undergo a home pregnancy test. These tools are relatively cheap and can be use at home privately without the knowledge of any body. The maker’s claims they offer up to 95% accurate results.

If your home test shows a positive result, you should book an appointment to see your doctor for further discussion.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

No research has concludes sex during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. You and your partner can actually enjoy sex throughout pregnancy months without any side effect. You as woman do not deny your partner of sex when pregnant because his presence will help you to feel secure when pregnancy challenges come.

Sex while pregnant can also help both of you unwind and should help you maintain a strong bond with your partner, ready for the months ahead.

Does vaginal discharge increases when pregnant?

Off course, it does increases. Vaginal discharge is one of the symptoms of pregnancy experienced among women. During pregnancy vaginal discharge often increases but it should be similar to the discharged you have in your previous period before getting pregnant.

If you notice your discharge is very thick, smelling or blood stained different than usual, this could be cause by infectious. Contact your doctor for immediate treatment.

Will I get piles/hemorrhoids?

It’s possible you get it. Piles or hemorrhoids are common among pregnant women, although most women do not take it serious.

Hemorrhoids in pregnant women cause swelling veins and thereby disturbing free flow of blood, making the affected veins to throb and may become painful.
There are ways to minimize your chances of developing pile, this includes:

  1. Eat foods with high fiber content.
  2. Drinking of plenty of fluids to prevent constipation.
  3. Whenever you toilet, try relaxing and never strain yourself.
  4. Do participate in regular exercises, especially pelvic exercise to help blood circulation around your anus.

If you get hemorrhoids, your mid wife, doctor or pharmacist will be able to recommend suitable cream to reduce the pain.

What’s the best contraception to use after birth?

This will depends on how soon you wish to have another baby. If you want another baby soonest, probably within 1 year, then short-term contraception measures such as the cap or condom, ideally with the use of a spermicidal, are likely the best contraception methods. For long term, methods such as contraceptive injection, hormone implant and pill may be the best options.

How soon can I have sex after birth?

It is wise to wait a few weeks after a normal child birth, and up to 3 months after a caesarean birth, as healing may take up this length of time. It is essential however that both you and your partner are in agreement, neither of you should feel pressured into it.

Be mindful that you may feel dry, though by using water-based- lubricants there is no reason why sex should not be as enjoyable as before.

Is it safe to drink alcoholic substance when pregnant?

If you’re used to taken alcoholic drinks before your pregnancy? It’s advisable you quit immediately. There is no amount of alcohol that’s good for your developing baby and beside alcohol is harmful to your baby formation. It can leads to various health problems when your baby is born. For those women who still take make do with alcoholic drinks, know it that you’re doing no good to your baby than harming your offspring.

If you addicted to alcohol you can informed your doctor, he or she will plan a routine on how to cut off from it for a healthy pregnancy.

Hope these questions about pregnancy is beneficial to you and believe you have gotten two or more pregnancy advice that will help you, whether you’re already pregnant or looking forward to conceive.

If you have other question you want to ask or you are finding it difficult to manage your pregnancy, send your request to our admin using the contact box, feedback will be delivered with 24 hours.

How to Get Pregnant Fast

How to Get Pregnant Fast

Have you been having challenges in getting pregnant and you have been searching for ways on how to get pregnant fast?  You shouldn’t get worry too much. Getting pregnant is very easy but you have to be an active sexual woman and man. However, you are going to learn how to calculate your ovulation, do’s & don’t s and how to conceive reading through this publication.

If you are anticipating to having a baby soon, don’t let it be a chance occurrence. Be informed on how to get pregnant fast. Knowing the do’s and don’ts and calculating your ovulation will help for a maximum fertile conception.

Most couples get pregnant easily by discussing about it. While to others, it looks like a thousand miles and chance. If you are looking for tips on how to conceive, follow this simple how- to-become pregnant. What you need know and when to call for assistance.

Start by calculating your ovulation

Start by calculating your ovulation

Getting pregnant involve cycles of happenings. Each month, hormones from the pituitary glands induced your ovaries to eject an egg. Immediately when the egg is released, it moves down to one of your Fallopian tubes. If you want to become pregnant, the days leading up to your ovulation are the best time. But how can you predict when your ovulation will start. For some women, it’s like not missing the target, since many factors can stands as a stumbling block to the exact timing of ovulation, such as excessive exercise and stress.

To know when your ovulation starts, you can do this:

Keep track on the calendar: For few months, use a calendar to mark the day your ovulation starts (The first day of each menstrual cycle). Ovulation sometimes occurs approximately day 14 of a menstrual cycle. Due to the fact that all women are different, this ovulation calculation timing might be randomized among women from each month. Looking for a pattern can help you.

Look out for changes in cervical mucus: Before the start of ovulation, you may notice a raise in clear, slips vaginal secretions, if you can see it. These secretions generally appear like raw white eggs. Subsequent ovulation, when the likelihood of becoming pregnant are small, the discharge then turns cloudy and thick or may generally disappear completely.

Keep records of your basal body temperature. Most times ovulation causes a shift in body temperature increment. To track your body temperature, you can use a thermometer that’s designed to measure basal body temperature. Take your body temperature every morning before leaving your bed and plot your readings on a graph paper or spread sheet. Finally, a pattern might emerge. You’ll be most fertile during the 2 to 3 days before your temperature increases. The increase will be subtle, typically less than 1 F (.5 C).

Use an ovulation predictor kit: Ovulation kit is use to test urine for rise and move in hormones that takes place before the start of ovulation. It can also detect the most possible time of ovulation or even give a signal before ovulation actually begins. For the more reliable results, cautiously follow the instructions on the label.

Increasing fertility: What to do?

If you’re looking forward to conceive, keep it in mind that there are do’s on how to become pregnant you need to put into practice to maximizing fertility. What are they?

Do engage in regular sex: Many couples often complain about too much sex but there is nothing like too much sex for couples who are really in need of a baby. If you’re having sex 2 or 3 time a week, there is an increase chance of hitting your period at some point.

Have sex once a day close to the time of ovulation. Daily intercourse during the days leading up to ovulation may hasten the likelihood of conception. Though your partner’s sperm level is likely to drop slightly each time you have sex, the decrease isn’t usually a problem for healthy men.

Do make healthy lifestyle a choice. Maintain a healthy weight, include moderate physical activity in your daily routine, eat healthy foods, reduce caffeine intake and manage stress. The same good habits will save your baby and you well when you are pregnant.

Do map-out preconception planning. Your health care expert can check your overall health and help you discover lifestyle changes that can improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Preconception idea is particularly helpful if you or your partner has any health risk.

Do take your vitamins. Most women neglect the benefit of pregnancy vitamins. Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins for pregnant women. It plays an essential role in a baby’s development. Taken prenatal vitamins or folic acid as daily supplement, beginning a few months before conception will significantly reduces the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

12 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

You are 12 weeks pregnant, this means you are close to your second trimester. At this time, there is a low chance of miscarriage. So count yourself lucky! And if you have not officially made know of your pregnancy to your friends, family or colleague at work, this might be the appropriate time for the good news.

12 Weeks Pregnant

How are you at 12 weeks pregnant?

Some women can still fit into their old clothing line, but may likely to feel discomfort in them than the past several weeks.

Your weight gain at this week is around two pounds and your uterus is growing at a constant rate. If you happen to go for a prenatal appointment, your doctor should be able to feel the size of your uterus in your lower abdomen. The rise in hormones does cause all form of changes in your body. One of these changes is increment in pigmentation.

Another change is melasma, which is a condition that has to do with discoloration of your face during pregnancy. Melasma affects about 50% of pregnant women and thus leads to dark spots appearing on your forehead and cheeks. The darken spot sometimes fades off or disappear months after child birth.

Soreness or breast tenderness may extend to second trimester. Having a fitting bra may help but ensure it’s the right size and not too tight as well, so as to avoid discomfort.

How is your baby at 12 weeks?

Significant changes are going on with your baby. Your baby’s statistics is about 3 inches in length and weights about 1 ounce. External sense organs are also surfacing while the fingernails and toes are beginning to develop. During this week your baby’s kidney can actually start making urine and the eyes should have move closer to each other.

The most beautiful moment every pregnant moms love, is the movement of their baby which tells them the baby is alive and doing fine. But you may not feel such gesture until weeks 17 or more. There are also couples of other reflex action as well.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is a sure event but it’s necessary to watch your diet in order not to gain so much weight. Too much weight, sometimes results to gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, back and legs pain. Also walking around with additional weight does lead to greater fatigue.

All the same never stop to eat. If you’ve not being following a dietary plan start now, probably speak with your doctor to develop a meal plan or perhaps refer you to a dietician. Ensure to eat foods rich in lean proteins, complex carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, avoid eating junk meals instead take snacks that contain calcium, proteins, and minerals such as yogurt and dried fruit.

Prenatal vitamins are successful way to healthy pregnancy and if you haven’t started taken, then talk with your doctor on how to go about it. Never take vitamins without the knowledge of your doctor.

Also doing Kegel exercises during this week helps to waken up the vaginal muscles and this can be helpful during childbirth and after birth. If you are not sure on how to go about Kegel exercise, be sure to talk with your doctor. And the same time, you may probably register in birth classes for more exercise.


When to Call Your Doctor

Miscarriages risks by the end of this trimester drops, but it’s necessary to pay close attention to dangers signs that can pose issues. These include:
1. Bleeding with cramps.
2. Severe or campy pain that lasts all day.
3. Spotting that lasts four or more days.

Hope, you find this week’s an interesting one and you’ve gotten the right information to keeping a healthy pregnancy.


11 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

11 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide


You are about entry into the second trimester of your pregnancy, that’s amazing after all the discomforting experience from morning sickness in the previous month. Although morning sickness symptoms may not totally give way in some women but it’s much lesser to several past weeks. The interesting thing is that you still want to know how a woman in her 11th weeks of pregnant does cope in respect to what the weeks holds. Below are what 11th weeks pregnancy entails.

How are you at 11 weeks pregnant?

It may still be like dream to you that you are carrying another human inside of you for almost 12 weeks. However, at week 11 most first time pregnant women belly may still not been notice yet but you may have started feeling your baby movement to some extent. If it is your first pregnancy, it may be difficult for you to notice this bumping and if you were able to detect it, don’t get worried of what is the issue. It is just your baby’s moving.

Although most women also experience changes in skin, loss of hair, and weaker nails but if you’ve not experience such then you should be thankful because looking good in pregnancy weeks is one problem many suffer due to pregnancy dramatic symptoms.

How is your baby at 11 weeks pregnant?

Taken the estimate of your baby’s growth rate, your baby’s length is expected to be between 1.5 and 2.5 inches long. Although weight gain is minimal at this week as your little one continues to develop. At this time, your baby sex organ is almost full-term but may not be visible until 17 to 20 weeks when ultrasound is usually done by most doctors. If you’re just anxious to know about your baby gender, than try searching up for old mothers’ tales. For instance some say if you are carrying your feet high it means you are having a girl. Cold feet may means that you are having a boy. While these may be a popular saying that is the reason it is called “tales.” There is little (if any) scientific evidence to back up any of them.

What pregnancy symptoms to expect?

Over the years, morning sickness is perhaps to be the most prominent symptoms of pregnancy during the 1st trimester but it’s not only symptom that may attack you. Further pregnancy symptoms to expect this week explained hereafter.


Congratulation if you’ve come this far without experiencing morning sickness, possibilities you may not escaped from heartburn which is more common among pregnant women. According to researched findings, it is found that up to 95% of women experience vomiting, nausea and heartburn during pregnancy. These are the most recognized symptoms of pregnancy but they are usually not harmful to both you and the baby.

Heartburn may increase in some women and may even last throughout their pregnancy months due to the size of the growing uterus. What can you do to ease the heartburn in pregnancy? Plenty of natural remedies to get you off the worrisome symptom but here are what has worked for most women:

  • Try eating smaller amount of meals at a time and avoid lying down after having meals.
  • You can as well as call your health care provider about the safe use of antacid for heartburn problems.

Sore or Enlarged Breasts

Enlarge breast during pregnancy is what no women can escape. There are couples of discomfort you may experience, most especially when your bra is so tight and any little touch may cause you pains. Hormones are responsible for this development but all the same what can you do. It helps to invest on bra extender or stretchy sports bras.

Remember if you are to purchase new bras then consider buying 1 or 2 because your breast is likely to grow more. If you can look for sales or maternity stores where they have trained associate in bra fittings it, they may help you with the best. They might even tell you how much growth your breast may undergo before birth.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

Since your baby is growing at a rapid pace, you will tend to exhaust more energy. You can only regain the lost strength by eating a healthy meal. If you’re opportune to have a dietician to plan your meals it will be a better choice.

Although, eating during this week may be quite difficult for most women due to nausea and morning sickness but you have to look for a way to get your belly filled.

You may find it difficult to do exercise as a result of morning sickness as well. But you can still do walking exercise for about 10 minutes. Exercise help to relieve fatigue and it’s nice for both you and your baby.

When to call your doctor?

Every pregnant woman is advised to be on the lookout for any situation that may be harmful to her pregnancy. Some of them include blurred vision, vaginal bleeding or linkage, high fever, severe headache and severe abdominal pain.

10 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

10 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

You are about saying goodbye to your first trimester even at 10 weeks pregnant. By now, you are probably getting used to the idea of being a pregnant woman. What do you expect as the day goes by? There are lots happening ahead, here are those inclined to weeks 10 pregnancies.

How are you at 10 weeks pregnant?

Your pregnancy is still not being notice by others but it will not last for long. Your belly continues to grow rounder even as your uterus increases. Weight gain is constant, so you’ll probably gain about a pound or 2 this period. Some women still experience morning sickness but it should be lesser to early pregnancy weeks.

Your blood level has gone up even if you have not notice the veins in your abdomen and breast becoming more visible, there is 50% chance that you’ll this 10th week.

How is your baby at 10 weeks pregnant?

At the end of this week 10, your little one will formally move from being an embryo to a fetus. Your baby fingers and webbed toes start to divide and forming individual unit. All baby’s vital organs are formed and the placenta is properly doing her work.

By this week of pregnancy your little one takes on a more human like resemblance, the eyelids starts to close and facial feature more become more distinguishable. Your baby is able to swallow and also growing of tooth buds.

If you’re opportune to visit your doctors this 10th week and an ultrasound is carried out, you may probably hear your baby’s heartbeat but you may not be able to detect your baby’s gender until several coming weeks.

This 10th weeks, some woman start having relief from morning sickness. But if you do not belong to this women, be strong as nausea and vomiting get betters towards the end of the 1st trimester for most women.

Other symptoms like heartburn, fatigue, bloating, gas, constipation, food cravings and dislike continues. And sometime some may last throughout pregnancy months.

Increased Vaginal Discharge

During week 10th of your pregnancy, you may notice an increase in your vaginal discharge. This is usually caused by increment in pregnancy estrogen levels. Pregnancy discharge is usually thick and thin with lesser odors. Nevertheless there are some signs to look out for, if your discharge is accompanied with this features listed below that’s shows an outbreak of infection.

  • Foul odor.
  • Mixed with blood.
  • Green or yellow in color.
  • Associated with painful urination.
  • Occurs with redness or itching of the vulva.

Abdominal Pain

This is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Abdominal pains happen due to the expansion of your uterus. This pain may be dull or sharp and it benign. It help if you can move slowly, and standing up when symptoms comes. When abdominal pain is persistent or accompanied by vaginal bleeding, fever, chills, or burning urination, contact your doctor immediately.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

Be sure to follow your doctors advise given to you on your first prenatal care visit. Be sure to write down everything that seems to be questionable to you and what you would like to know on your next appointment.

If you’re not ready for maternity clothes but your clothes seems tight, then shop for new loose ones that will take you for several week before moving into maternity clothing. You may also want to buy new shoes, bras and underwear of bigger sizes.

And if you are still battling with morning sickness, it is high time you start eating good diet that is nutrition and safe for your developing baby and you. Taken prenatal vitamin is a better way to keeping healthy pregnancy.

There may be no need of increasing your calorie intake until 2nd trimester but if there seems to be some question about how often you should eat, talk to your health care provider or a dietician.

Toxoplasmosis is also common during pregnancy, this is a parasitic infection transmitted by cats. So if you had cats that you do take care of before now, you should stop immediately as directed by Centers-for-Disease-Control. Toxoplasmosis causes brain and eye problems in infant, most especially blindness

Also Read About 11th Week Pregnancy Here!!

When to call your doctor?

It is very necessary for every pregnant woman to be watchful for the things that may stand as danger to pregnancy. The listed problems should be under watch and peradventure they occur ensure to call your doctor fast.

  • Fever.
  • Chills.
  • Pain with urination.
  • Bleeding or cramping.
  • Severe nausea with vomiting.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge or odor.

Congratulation, you’re near second trimesters and there is much ahead. But the most important thing is to stay healthy and be on the lookout for things that poses threat to you and your developing baby.

Top Danger Pregnancy Signs – Pregnant Women Watch Out For!

Top Danger Pregnancy Signs – Pregnant Women Watch Out For!

Women in their pregnancy days need to be aware of some possible danger signs of pregnancy. These signs are not to be overlooked when they are notice because they can lead to loss of pregnancy and also poses danger to mother during child delivery. Some of these signs listed here are of great concern if ever notice, ensure to visit the hospital or contact a medical expert to examine you for possible solution.


Bleeding is one of the danger signs of pregnancy, when you notice the flow of blood coming out from your vagina during pregnancy, this is a sign of miscarriage (loss of baby) or some times when pregnancy is up to 6 month ( may mean the placenta is blocking the birth opening).

What can you do at first? Lie quietly and call for health expert.

What not to do? Never try to put anything inside your vagina if that will stop flow of blood.

Severe anemia

Another notable danger to pregnancy is when you as a pregnant woman is suffering from severe state of anemia. This is when a pregnant woman is very weak, tired and has pale or transparent skin. When this is not treated on time may lead to mother loss at child birth due to loss of blood. Ensure you call for medical assistance immediately you notice this condition so that it can be treated on time before it results to more serious situation.

Swelling of the feet, hands, and face with headache, dizziness and sometimes blurred viewing are also danger pregnancy signs. During pregnancy, swelling of any parts of the body is ready signs of toxemia or poison pregnancy. Sudden weight gain, high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine are other signs.

How can you detect these danger pregnancy signs?

Some of them can be detected by their symptoms why others are through medical check-up. So it is very important for a pregnant woman to know when she is noticing little changes to her body and health. This will help you guide against any threat that may affect you and your pregnancy. To prevent these top dangers signs endeavor to go for medical checkup during pregnancy days at least twice in a month to know your present condition.

I am Pregnant: Know the Various Types of Child Delivery

Types of Child Delivery Types

Child delivery is categories into different delivery types. For a pregnant woman who is about going into the labor room in no distance time, there is a need for a baby scan to know your baby position in your womb. The position of your child determines how your baby will be delivered by the doctors in charge. After performing the scanning and your baby position has been detected then you and your doctor have to engage in a discussion to choose the best option or alternative option in case complication arises during child birth.

Types of Child Delivery Types

Vaginal birth: This is the common form of baby delivery which is normal delivery process where the child head appear first then the doctor(s) in charge guides your baby through the vaginal canal. The vaginal birth process is known as the best delivery method for both mother and baby.

Cesarean section (C-section)—surgery to deliver the baby: This has to do with surgical operation of baby delivery. Here the doctor removes the baby by making a cut through the abdomen and uterus. This surgery is relatively safe for both mother and child. Off course it is a surgery so there might be some risks involved and also in C-section delivery, mothers take longer time to recover compare to the vaginal birth.

Breech presentation: Here the baby’s feet or buttocks are in position to appear first. The doctor may try to turn the baby or suggest a C-section.

Induced labor delivery:  This form of child delivery medicines and other methods are adopted to jump-start the birth process.
Assisted birth: this is simple way method, your doctor uses forceps or suction to deliver the child.

These deliveries types will help you to take the wiser decision as a pregnant mother who is in child labor depending on your doctor recommendation for you, so as to ensure maximum form of safe delivery

How to Manage Some Minor Pregnancy Problems

How to Manage Some Minor Pregnancy Problems

Being a pregnant woman, there are some minor pregnancy problems you may start experiencing toward the middle week to the 40 week before your delivery. When you start seeing some body changes do not be scared, they are normal pregnancy problems that occur. Below are list of these minor problems to expect and how to manage each when they come.

1. Nausea or vomiting: During the second to third month (wk 5 – wk 12) of pregnancy, you start experiencing How to Manage Some Minor Pregnancy Problemswhat they called morning sickness (that is nausea or vomiting) and How can you manage this?

  • Eat something that is dry such as dry bread or crackers.
  • Avoid eating large meals but rather small amount of food is recommended several times of the day.
  • And also avoid taking oily food.

2. Feeling burns or pain in the pit of the stomach or chest (acid indigestion or heartburn)

How to manage heartburn?

How to manage heartburn

  • Avoid taking antacids.
  • Eat only small amount of food at one time.
  • Try to sleep with the chest and head lifted up a little with pillows or blankets.

3. Swelling feet: Swelling of the feet usually comes from the pressure of the child in the womb during the last pregnancy months (40 weeks of pregnancy) to take care of this, always rest during the day at different times with your feet up. Eat less salt and also avoid salty foods.

4. Low back pain: This can be managed by doing exercise and taking time to stand and sit with the back straight.

5. Swollen veins: This occurs as a result of the weight of the baby pressing on the veins that comes from the legs.

How to manage this?

Put your feet up often but if the veins get very big or hurt, wrap them with bandage but ensures to take them off at night before sleeping.

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7. Hemorrhoids: This refers to varicose veins in the pregnant woman anus. They may result from the weight of the baby in the womb. To relive this pain, kneel with the buttocks in the air some times.

8. Constipation: When this occurs, drink plenty of water. Eat fruits and food containing natural fiber like cassava or brain. Also get plenty of exercise and do not take laxatives.