Why You Need Iron During Pregnancy

Iron is a mineral that is very good and most recommended that every pregnant woman need have at least an average amount in their body.

Most women are nonchalant to advice but those who value information always come out in good health.

You and your baby need iron because it helps to fight sickness that your money would never solve, if you have baby who lacks iron supplement.

What are symptoms of lack of iron?

Pregnant women who lack iron easily get tired and can even become anaemic in the long run.

What low iron during pregnancy can cause?

  • It causes tiredness and weakness in pregnant women.
  • A baby who lacks iron may have more illnesses and suffers from learning problems.

Why is iron important during pregnancy?

Iron is good for both you and your baby. Below are reasons for having iron as a pregnant woman:

  • It is essential for healthy blood making and circulation.
  • Iron is required for properly baby’s brain development, for growth and also for baby to able to build up iron store after his or her birth.

What Are Sources of Iron?

In order for pregnant women to increase their iron intake, they should eat foods richly in iron such as red meat, eggs and poultry. In-addition eat whole grain, enriched breads and cereals (cooked or canned dried beans and peas and lentils).

Caution for Taken Artificial Iron Vitamin Supplement

Be careful if you are taken prenatal iron vitamin supplement without the knowledge of your doctor. However, before taken extra iron supplement apart from ones you are getting from your foods; first get your doctor, midwife, and nurse or dietitian recommendation.