How to Manage Some Minor Pregnancy Problems

Being a pregnant woman, there are some minor pregnancy problems you may start experiencing toward the middle week to the 40 week before your delivery. When you start seeing some body changes do not be scared, they are normal pregnancy problems that occur. Below are list of these minor problems to expect and how to manage each when they come.

1. Nausea or vomiting: During the second to third month (wk 5 – wk 12) of pregnancy, you start experiencing How to Manage Some Minor Pregnancy Problemswhat they called morning sickness (that is nausea or vomiting) and How can you manage this?

  • Eat something that is dry such as dry bread or crackers.
  • Avoid eating large meals but rather small amount of food is recommended several times of the day.
  • And also avoid taking oily food.

2. Feeling burns or pain in the pit of the stomach or chest (acid indigestion or heartburn)

How to manage heartburn?

How to manage heartburn

  • Avoid taking antacids.
  • Eat only small amount of food at one time.
  • Try to sleep with the chest and head lifted up a little with pillows or blankets.

3. Swelling feet: Swelling of the feet usually comes from the pressure of the child in the womb during the last pregnancy months (40 weeks of pregnancy) to take care of this, always rest during the day at different times with your feet up. Eat less salt and also avoid salty foods.

4. Low back pain: This can be managed by doing exercise and taking time to stand and sit with the back straight.

5. Swollen veins: This occurs as a result of the weight of the baby pressing on the veins that comes from the legs.

How to manage this?

Put your feet up often but if the veins get very big or hurt, wrap them with bandage but ensures to take them off at night before sleeping.

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7. Hemorrhoids: This refers to varicose veins in the pregnant woman anus. They may result from the weight of the baby in the womb. To relive this pain, kneel with the buttocks in the air some times.

8. Constipation: When this occurs, drink plenty of water. Eat fruits and food containing natural fiber like cassava or brain. Also get plenty of exercise and do not take laxatives.