What Is Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a common complication during pregnancy, and its prevalence is increasing. The standard therapy for women with gestational diabetes requiring drug treatment is insulin. However, after a similar trial hold by Langer et al comparing glibenclamide with insulin. Oral agents have been increasingly seen as potential alternatives. Both options are seen as secondary […]

Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Treatment – Doctors Guide

High blood sugar during pregnancy refers to the presence of excessive blood sugar in pregnant women. There are typically two types of diabetes, type (i) and type (ii) diabetes. During pregnancy, any woman having high blood sugar is usually said to have gestational diabetes. However, this article focuses on type 1 diabetes pregnancy treatment. Eating […]

Type Two Diabetes Pregnancy Treatment

The major four pillar of type two diabetes treatments are diet, medications, exercise and blood sugar monitoring. The sole aim of diabetes management is to keep blood sugar levels as close to a normal range as possible. Weight control, diet, and exercise are all important constituent of management. Nutrition is the most important and main […]

Top Danger Pregnancy Signs – Pregnant Women Watch Out For!

Women in their pregnancy days need to be aware of some possible danger signs of pregnancy. These signs are not to be overlooked when they are notice because they can lead to loss of pregnancy and also poses danger to mother during child delivery. Some of these signs listed here are of great concern if […]

8 Healthy Ways To Stay Healthier During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is very important a pregnant woman take good care of herself in order to stay healthy and also for her unborn baby. This will help to overcome pregnancy stress especially if it is your first pregnancy. So staying healthy at all times during pregnancy period help your child to be well developed […]