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34 Weeks Pregnant: 34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

During 34 weeks pregnant your anticipation is on the increase towards child birth, particularly likely feelings you don’t want to get much bigger. You are also likely to battle with your unwieldy shape, experiencing back pain and finding it difficult to be comfortable in all ways. You don’t have to worry about these symptoms; you can ease yourself by doing a bit of exercise, talking with friends and how to ease backache.

What happening to your body at 34 weeks pregnant

What happening to your body at 34 weeks pregnant

Your uterus top is presently about 14 cm (5.6 inches) long over your belly button. It’s very significant you know that every woman’s pregnancy is different, so other pregnant women measurements may vary from yours. What’s interesting is that your uterus is growing at a uniform rate.

Other 34 weeks pregnant symptoms to know

Generally the amount of amniotic fluids is at its peak between week 34 and weeks 36. And at weeks 37 the level of amniotic fluids begins to decreases to allow more room for your baby growth.

The amniotic fluid is reabsorbed by your body, which also allows for extra room so that your baby can move within. Pregnancy 34 weeks you may start noticing that your baby’s movements feel different to previous weeks.

You may also notice that your belly button has become an outie (it is extremely sensitive). If this happens, you can take a small piece of tape or a band-aid to cover it. This may be extremely helpful if it pokes through your clothes.

How is your baby at 34 weeks?

How is your baby at 34 weeks?

  • He or she weighs around 2.1kg.
  • He’s probably around 45cm long from crown to heel.
  • His lungs are rapidly developing to maturity for life outside the womb.

Mean while, you are should try to learn more about pregnancy vitamins that that’s needed for healthy pregnancy.

At pregnancy week 34 common pregnancy symptoms become more pronounced such as backache, feeling faint, leg cramps and others symptoms.

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