Child birth is fast approaching and your baby is developing as a faster rate why you are anticipating what’s happening with your child and what symptoms to face.

33 weeks pregnant: How big is your baby?

33 weeks pregnant: How big is your baby?

The size of your baby is estimated to be 42 cm (16 ) long and weighs 4.5 to 5 pounds (2.5kg). Growth of baby does vary, your baby may be less or more within this range is normal.

Week 33 pregnancy: What’s happening with your baby?

Week 33 pregnancy: What’s happening with your baby?

Your baby is probably lying upright with head towards your ribcage and legs extended upward in front of her face. This is known as frank breech.

Baby is lying upright with her feet towards your cervix but with her arms and knees fold into her body. This is called a complete breech.

Baby is probably lying upright with one leg folded into his or her body whiles the other dangling down. This is referred to as “incomplete breech”

What happening to your body at 33 weeks pregnant? 

Off course as the days proceed your size increases gradually. The top of your uterus is precisely 12.7 cm (5 inches) from your belly button. Total weight gained should be between (10 – 12.7 kilogram) or (22 – 28 pounds).

Within these weeks 33, your may experience your water break (rupturing of the membranes) only if you know what water breaks is about. Water break is the breaking of the liquid-filled sac surrounding your baby. Not all women experience this passing out of amniotic fluid, its occurrence 1:10 in pregnant women. Most times it happens when on the bed

When does water breaks happens?  

The amniotic sac may breaks or leak even before birth labor. If there is leakage of fluids from your vaginal, try to be certain if it is urine or amniotic fluids. An amniotic fluid is odorless and clear. When you noticed there is leakage of your membrane, ensure to contact your doctor or midwife.

What not to do when experiencing water breaks?

Before seeing your health care expert after amniotic fluid leakage, do none of this:

  1. Avoid the use of tampons.
  2. Do not have sexual intercourse.
  3. Do use anything that will introduce bacteria into your vaginal.

Let your doctor be aware if the fluid is anything other than clear and odorless, especially if is greenish or stinking smelling because this could be a sign of infection. Most doctors will check you and your baby as soon as the membranes rupture due high risk of developing an infection. Most times, some doctors may decide an induce labor at this point.

Mean while, what symptoms can you cope with, how to avoid heartburn, indigestion during pregnancy and breathlessness.