27 weeks pregnancy falls into second trimester of pregnancy weeks. Baby birth is still farther and no birth labor is expected to come expect for some pregnancy symptoms that manifest. The story of pregnancy evolves gradually and so you will need to learn as the months goes by how your baby is doing and how you can effectively handle pregnancy symptoms or problems that may come your way.

How is your baby at 27 weeks pregnant?

How is your baby at 27 weeks pregnant?

If you have been following previous weeks your pregnancy, you will notice there are always changes that occur to your fetus. Your baby growth is rapidly improving; baby weight is expected to be around 875g and about 36 cm long from head to toe. He or she can open and close their eyes. This means they can start distinguishing between day and night. She sleeps and wakes up at a regular interval of time.

Sucking of fingers or thumb is common at pregnancy weeks 27 and also his little hiccups in the uterus may probably vibrate through your tummy. This is to say you can actually feel your baby activities onward till child birth. What more do you have to know about baby? The brain is more active and still continues developing.

How are you at 27 weeks pregnant?

How are you at 27 weeks pregnant?

Your tummy is pushing out even as second trimester is rounding up entry into third trimester. What 27 weeks pregnant symptoms will you expect? If this is not your first pregnancy, you should have know feelings of short of breathe is common, signs that seems you are finding it difficult to breath-in and out. Do not panic, it’s a normal symptom of pregnancy; this is as a result of your womb is now up close to your rib cage. During this period trying breathing or yoga exercise can help ease symptoms.

As you proceed into the rest weeks, you will notice increments in your appetite level because your body now uses more energy as you are getting closer to birth. Eating healthy diet will help to keep you going. Other subsequent pregnancy symptoms include hemorrhoids, leg cramps, itchy body and varicose veins. These symptoms will caused you discomfort but you can try natural remedies to relief them.

If your blood test checking for your rhesus status is necessary in this weeks of pregnancy, if rhesus test is negative in earlier pregnancy

What to do during pregnancy weeks 27?

At this week 27 pregnancy it’s may be possible your energy level is still high and you’re trying to maximize your time before child birth. Sometimes forcing yourself to get plenty of rest even as your body is changing to your increasing baby size and pregnancy symptoms is also trying to weigh you down. No matter you may feel, having a good rest will help you pool through the whole of the last trimester. These techniques below will help to improve your sleeping ability and also helps to regulate physical and emotional strain. Trying the methods effectively will tremendously assist better sleep.

Maintain a proper sleeping schedule, eat healthy meals, avoid taken plenty of fluids in the evening, do exercise and stretch yourself and have enough rest before going to bed.

When to Call Your Doctor

At 27 weeks pregnant you are about 6 months plus of fetal conception. During this 27 weeks prenatal care still continues though not on a regular basis compare to later weeks of pregnancy. Ensure to cll your doctor if experience some of these 27 weeks pregnant symptoms: Severe swelling in your ankles, face and fingers (which is a sign of pregnancy pre-eclampsia), decreased in your baby movement, more difficult pain or cramping in your abdomen or pelvis and sudden vaginal bleeding.

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