Fetal conception journey continues as you are entering into the third trimester. Although you have been battling with symptoms such as anxiety feelings and nausea in the past several pregnancy weeks, there are more to come. How are you and baby doing during these 26 weeks? Find out what’s in the week.

How big is your baby at 26 weeks?

How big is your baby at 26 weeks?

Your baby growth is virtually increasing. He or she probably should be around 2 pounds and 13 inches. In this pregnancy 26 weeks continue breathing in and out of amniotic fluids, that’s helps in developing the lungs. If it’s a baby boy, his testicles must have started descending into his scrotum.

As the days goes by hearing becomes more active, your baby can even hear you. He can even differentiate your voice from other people around you.

26 weeks pregnant: how are you?

26 Weeks Pregnant, Tips and Guide

At weeks 26, your uterus now approaches 3 inches above your belly button. If you don’t have a ruler, try to use your thumb to see how far baby stretching out. From your thumb knuckle down to the tip of your nail is about 1 inch. So far every week that passes you should see your belly to grow another 0.5 inch or more. If you are worrying about your excess weight gain, know that 2 pounds of that is your baby’s weight, plus the amniotic fluids that keep your baby alive.

What pregnant symptoms to expect?

The symptoms of frequent urination is common at this trimester, so you might find yourself often going to urinate but sometimes it might also be as sign of gestational diabetes. That’s why it’s needful during your antenatal care visit; tell your doctor do all the required screening to know it’s not diabetes. You will also get headaches, backache and others. The good news is that you should know how to manage these symptoms.

How to continue with healthy pregnancy?

Staying healthier even as you follow your pregnancy calendar week by week gives you better insight to healthy life and baby. Reading and learning tips about pregnancy is one of the best ways to gain knowledge that will guide you through your entire pregnancy months. What you learn, is what you know and that’s what you can put into practice. Keep doing a whole lot of research daily on how to get better during your pregnancy days. Mean while eating healthy foods such as taking pregnancy vitamins and also combining some of these 8 healthy pregnancy fruits to your diet do great works to restore your energy. Most women don’t know they used up lots of energy in later pregnancy, that’s why is necessary to eat well as pregnancy weeks passes.

The benefit of regular exercise is another factor to consider why pregnant. Exercise during pregnancy helps regulate excess weight gain. Checkmating pregnancy weight helps to minimize complication risk such as gestational diabetes and hypertension. Although you are to eat, also look out for your trend of gaining weight and participate in safe pregnancy exercise. If you are not sure of the kind of safe to-do, seek the help of your health care expert.

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