Now at weeks 23, few weeks mid of pregnancy, everyone is probably noticing you’re pregnant. Friends, loves and well wishers commenting on your big or small look, that’s the memories to share after birth.
What you should be more concern is how to move forward reading and learning about how to have an enjoyable and successful pregnancy even in the mist of the pregnancy symptoms and minor problems that may come your way.

23 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips and Guide

Finally reach 23 weeks pregnant, the journey so far ahead to 40 weeks of child birth. Hopefully it’s been fun coming from first trimester. Expect nothing but pregnancy related issues. Here are the things to know in this week 23.

23 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Body?

No more a hidden secretes, your ever growing tummy will continue to shoot-out and you will be ready to face the minor symptoms that makes you a pregnant woman. You weight gain at this week is between 12 to 14 pounds.
Your weight gain may result to stretch marks appearing in some parts of your body such as your belly, breast and thighs. In some women it may take extra weeks for them to show up but the good thing is that, after birth they may gradually fades away. If you already heard about a good cream that can help them less noticeable that will be a plus to disappearance.

You will also start experiencing swelling in your feet or ankles know as varicose veins due to your weight gain. Now you have no choice than to keep away from some of your pregnancy shoes. You may have to set aside some of your favorite pre-pregnancy shoes for awhile. And don’t be surprised if, even after you deliver, your feet have flattened and lengthened just enough to require new shoes.

At this week also, your breasts might have starts producing colostrums. This is the breast milk produce while pregnant and it’s usually thicker than the ones you’ll produce after birth. Do not be so anxious if you have not started noticing it, not all women experience colostrums until few weeks to birth. And it does not cause any problem while nursing.

23 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

23 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

Your baby had reached or probably slightly pass 1 pound. This is about 1 foot length and his or her size is close to that of grapefruits. Although your child weight gain has been slow and steady in the previous weeks but presently in these 23 weeks, he will continue to add weight at a constant rate.
The soft fine hair known as lanugo formed before now starts to spread almost to your entire baby’s body and may become darker. You can check this on your next antenatal care visit by having an ultrasound check on your baby.

Although the lungs continues to develop but has not started doing their activities until after child birth. Don’t be afraid yet baby still breathes.

You may notice that your baby is moving more frequent, that’s no problem. Baby movements occur any time, it might even be at night when you’re sleeping but should be temporary.

What Pregnant Symptoms To Expect?

Many women at this stage of their pregnancy find their appetites increasing. Keep healthy snack foods around for easy access when you need to eat.
Snoring is also common within this pregnancy week. What causes it? Nasal congestion is the cause of increase snoring. And this can be disrupting your partner especially at night. Nasal strips can help ease symptoms or use humidifier when sleeping.

Tips to staying healthy at pregnancy weeks 23

Practice the habit if you’ve not already, of keeping hydrated. Water is one the best fluids to drink in pregnancy but vegetable juices and milk are also welcome alternative. Milk contains calcium which is a mineral needed by pregnant women.

Some herbal teas are safe for pregnancy, though it’s necessary you discus with your health care provider about which teas in particular is better. There are usually products itemize as pregnancy tea, which are known to be safe for women and their baby. Teas made with raspberry leaf are link with healthy pregnancies and child birth.

When you drink plenty of fluids, it will help you prevent uterine cramping, urinary tract infections and headaches. Urine with almost clear or pale yellow color is a sign of good hydration while orange-brown or bright yellow urine is a clear sign that you’re dehydrated.

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When to call a doctor?

Because your uterus is sitting right on your bladder, you’re starting to make more frequent trips to the bathroom. You may find that you’re starting to leak a little, either when you laugh or cough, or just because you don’t quite make it fast to the bathroom in time. Though uncommon at this stage, it’s possible that some of that leakage may be amniotic fluid and not urine. This can occur when the membrane of the amniotic sac surrounding the baby ruptures.

You’ve probably heard women refer to the time that their water broke. In labor, you want that amniotic sac to rupture to help move the birth along. This is early in pregnancy, though, is much too early.
If you ever feel a gush of fluid, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Amniotic fluid is usually odorless, so if you notice even a small amount of leakage that doesn’t smell or look like urine, tell your healthcare provider immediately.

Think about getting a home blood pressure monitor and learning how to use it. A sharp jump in your blood pressure could be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a very serious pregnancy complication. Talk with your healthcare provider about pre-eclampsia and what symptoms should prompt a call to the doctor or 911.