This week you are still far from childbirth keep track of pregnancy events and you will be amaze and be enlightened if you have not been familiar with pregnancy before now.

22 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips and Guide

22 weeks pregnant: how is your body?

Second trimester, yes its 22 week and you are vividly accommodating into your pregnancy days unlike previous weeks when you feel a bit week and tired. As you proceed further into second trimester, you are barely far from the last trimester and birth is almost due.

Are you feeling the sensation of your baby movements? By now, you should be noticing baby activities going on in your body, although it might be pronounced

yet starts off and gives you joy that your child is fine and happy. If you have not noticed such, you can try a visit to your doctor for examination. But all the same, don’t be worry.

Among your discomfort and struggles as your baby growth increases. Your uterus is constantly growing and stretching to fit your growing child. Your uterus is approximately two centimeters above your belly button.

22 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

22 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

Baby’s weighs about 1 pound and is near 11 inches long. This is approximately the size of a papaya. By this week, if you do a scan, you will notice that your baby has grows enough and now having a resemblance of an infant.

Your baby will continues to add more weight as the weeks elapse and those ultrasound scan photo start portraying what you had imagine your baby to look.

Other developments continues like the eyes still growing even though the iris pigment is not yet formed but all other parts are already formed such as the eyebrows and the eyelids.

22 Weeks Pregnant: What Pregnancy Symptoms?

Maybe you just imagine this week will be free of pregnancy symptoms, than you just getting it all wrong. You’re just in to second trimester where most symptoms develop but never be scared; there are helpful ways to ease pregnant symptoms.

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids are just waiting for you. Varicose appear due to increasing flow of blood and also the growing size of your uterus during pregnancy. They mostly appear in the legs but later spread to the torso and arms. To help fight them, raise your feet up when possible and wearing tight supports stock can also drive the blood to spread.

Hemorrhoids another symptom to expect, they are painful swollen veins that develops in your bottom. Most women often complain about it. They’re cause due your pregnancy growth and also by the additional pressure on your anus from the growing uterus.

Drinking plenty of fluids and eating diet high in fiber can help guard against hemorrhoids. Exercising regularly also helps to ease symptom. But if you have already develop hemorrhoids, avoid sitting for long interval, soak yourself in a warm bath and finally discuss it with your doctor on the next antenatal care visit may be he or she can help recommend a suitable hemorrhoid creams.

If you experience severe and swollen external hemorrhoids that consistently bleed, you may have thrombosis hemorrhoids. If that is the situation, see your doctor as it may call for a minor surgical operation to get rid of them.

Things To Do This Week For A Healthy Pregnancy

Maybe this is your first pregnancy and you might not have heard about child birth class registration. This class give you some relevant information about what to expect during pregnancy and afterwards. You will be thought details about labor and how to manage labor pains. If you have not done that, you need to search the internet and find classes that will be easier to walk to for lectures. Most pregnancy classes do not take up women after the second trimester as they also plan for those mothers who register on time and so be fast to locate one.

Watch your weight gain and eat healthy diet to keep pregnancy health in good condition. Take your pregnancy vitamins. Folic acid and iron helps in the development of your baby. If you cannot eat foods with those vitamins and then ask your doctor to recommend the required tablet dose you need to take.

When to Call the Doctor

Call your mid wife or doctor if you’re having fluid leakage or vaginal bleeding, fever, severe abdominal and headache pain, or blurred vision. If you’re starting to feel what could be labor pains and you’re unsure whether they could be Braxton-Hicks contractions or the real thing, call your doctor for an expert opinion.