You are weeks 20 pregnant. What are the most challenging symptoms to know and how is your baby doing? What do you know about yourself? Second trimester journey just began and you have to be informed.

20 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, and Guide

What are the changes going on with you?

Giving birth is not a day happenings, that’s why is good to get prepared for the pregnancy cinema. You should know that your little love can actually move and you will start feeling the movements. That’s amazing that your baby is much more alive and you should be happy knowing.

Physical changes notice-able, your belly gets more pronounce as pregnancy weeks draw closer. First time mom-to-be is one of the things you may see but am sure it’s all amazing? Even as your belly grows, ensure to watch your weight gain. Excess weight might be a danger pregnancy sign but you should add up a pound per week.

During pregnancy weeks 20, you will start having an increase in appetite. So try to eat healthy diet that will sustain you and your baby.

What are the changes going on with your baby?

What are the changes going on with your baby?

It is a most that your baby growth remains dynamic. Your baby is about 6.3 inches long from crown to toe. Fine, soft hair is already growing on your little ones head. This hair is called lanugo which starts to cover his body.

Those of you who have watched birthing shows or witnessed a birth probably saw the thick, whitish substance that covers your baby’s body in the womb. This substance is called vernix caseosa, and it’s also beginning to form at weeks 20. The vernix is a protective layer that protects the baby skin from the amniotic fluid.

20 weeks pregnant symptoms to expect

Although pregnancy symptoms may rapidly show up in the 2nd trimester, if you’re a first time mom-to-be there is tendency of you getting worry but you just have to get prepared to face the challenges. One of the 20 weeks pregnant symptoms to experience include an increase in appetite or craving for foods than usual. Though cravings for particular foods vary among pregnant women, all the same try to stock your fridge with your favorite foods and eat well when necessary to stay healthy. Apart from symptoms you may start experiencing some minor pregnancy problems such as stretch marks and itching skin. Although they are more common in the third trimester but some women in the 20 weeks experience them.

Tips to staying healthy at pregnancy weeks 20

A pregnant woman is never idle without thinking of something to do for a healthy pregnancy. At this week, have you done your anatomical scan? If you have not there is need. This is an ultrasound scan which is carried out on your abdomen. It helps to look at the baby from crown to rump. The essence is to examine if all your baby’s organs are properly functioning. It can also give you additional data about the level of your amniotic fluids, the exact position of your placenta and the sex of your baby.

You can actually start searching around the internet looking for childbirth and baby classes to register. The hospital you’ll register may carry on a tour of the labor and delivery plane as well. Inquire from your health care provider of any available offers in your neighborhood.

With quick internet search, you can find private classes you will like. General topics may includes, labor techniques, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, baby safety and others.

Make sure you are eating the right diet and you are taken pregnancy vitamins, especially iron. Iron helps your baby to manufacture red blood cells. Natural sources of iron include poultry, red meat, fish, spinach and iron enriched cereals.

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When to call your doctor

In 20 weeks pregnant belly, always remember that Braxton-Hicks contractions are mutual in pregnancy and usually nothing to worry about. This hick helps to prepare your uterus for child labor. These feelings should be soft and should not follow a regular pattern.

If you notice any severe pain or regular contractions that could be signs of premature labor, particular if you you’re bleeding or spotting alongside. You should call for your doctor for check to know what it could be and treatment should be given if need be.