Still waking ahead pregnancy weeks, hope it’s has been a wonderful experience through the previous weeks battling with morning sickness. Congratulation as you has made it to 17 weeks pregnant and more weeks to come. You’ll still want to know the possible things to expect in pregnancy week 17, sure they are detail below.

17 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips and Guide

17 Weeks Pregnant: How Are You?

At this time, you are fully in to your second trimester and believing; nausea or fatigue experience had giving way. Otherwise take a look at your growing tummy to know the reason why you are experiencing all of that.

As your uterus continues to enlarge given space for baby’s growth, your organs will adjust to create room and this may probably lead to a more frequent gastrointestinal (GI) issues such as indigestion or heartburn.

Chloasma is one pregnancy problems that’s not often common among pregnant women. They’re blackish or brownish spots that show up on the face. According to research, hormonal changes is said to be cause of the blackish spots but still not truly proven to be 100% causes. The best way to avoid chloasma is by staying away from sun. It helps to buy a big-brimmed hat if you’re used to walking under-sun and also apply sunscreen before stepping out.

Hormones can make some women love being pregnant, but they can also make other women feel worrisome. If the changes are making you miserable, just remember, you’re almost halfway there.

17 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

17 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

Your baby is a little over 14.5cm long and weighs 11 kg. Baby’s umbilical cord is now very long and thicker and stronger waiting for the remaining weeks 23. Baby’s hearing organs is developing even as the ear is fully formed before this week and has moved into the permanent position.

Furthermore, your lovely little one is beginning to form fat tissues. This will help cover your baby features. Fat is also vital, it helps to regulate your baby body temperature and metabolism.

What Pregnancy Symptoms To Expect

Nausea, heartburn and indigestion are common GI symptoms in most women that cause discomfort during pregnancy.

Heartburn is a burning sensation that occurs in your throat and can make you feel uncomfortable, though it’s not harmful. To prevent it, try to eat smaller meals at a time. Or you can inform your doctor about it, he or she may gives you tip about antacids that are safe for your pregnancy, if at all the heartburn is causing you too much discomfort.

Constipation and gas are also gastrointestinal problems that could plague you. The more you get close to birth these problems may get worse, so it’s nice to prepare for any lifestyle or diet changes early on time to curb that discomfort before they get to their peak.

Nothing can actually be done to hormonal and body changes that immensely contribute to these feelings but it helps to stay hydrated, walking around more often and eating foods rich in fiber.

Abdominal pain may just be what you may battle with you. It’s nearly experience by almost all women in pregnancy. The pain usually begins in your lower hip or back and goes down to your legs. No researchers have been able to tell the cause why a pregnant woman passes through this pain. Since, the pains usually located at your legs to other part of your body, it helps to lying on the side that does not hurt until the pain goes off. Swimming and low impact pregnancy exercise is also alternative way to reduce discomfort.

What To Do To Keep Healthy Pregnancy

Wearing flats or low-heeled shoes this week is nice to help you maintain your postural balanced and prevents you from falling, even as your tummy shoots outward. To solve this change in your center of cavity, you might want to stay off your high heels through your pregnancy.

In your quiet time; you can start pondering about baby names that sound interesting and genetics. It pays to do your level 2 ultrasound by now to detect your baby sex in order to know names to narrow your search to whether male or female.

Scheduling prenatal massage will be great at this week 17. As your belly grows; you may discover ache and pains developments. So prenatal massage is the best way to start from to amend your body and help let go some of the discomfort. Make sure you look for a well trained prenatal massager that’s experience in the field.


When to call your doctor

While your chances of miscarriage have decreased by this point, there is still a risk. If you have vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage, or severe abdominal pain, call your doctor immediately. You should also call your doctor if you have a fever.