Hopefully you are few weeks from the pregnancy mid-week and I believe you are just doing fine. Though, it might have been a tough moment coping with all of the nausea or morning sickness but that’s what makes up a pregnant woman. Now that you’re about entry another phase of your pregnancy, you will begin to feel the movement of your baby any moment from now.

16 Weeks Pregnant: How Are You?

If you’re a first time pregnant mother, it may last a few more weeks before you start felling your baby first clutter.

In most women, it may be difficult to say at first if the sensation in your belly is that of your baby movement or gas sensation. Sooner, a pattern will develops and you will if that movement is of your little one.

16 Weeks Pregnant: How Are You?

At this week you may find sleeping to be the order of the day than previous weeks that has been a bit burdensome. By now you should start getting used to sleeping with your side and its helps to look for a good pregnancy pillow to support your body.

If you are used to sleeping on your back, you should stop by now in order to prevent back pains.

Your physical look continues to grow. Your weight is around 8.5 ounces (¼ kg). By this week 16 your body has about 7.5 ounces (.2 kg) of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby. This amniotic fluid produce by your body helps to protect your baby during pregnancy.

16 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby

Off course growth is constant and your baby at 16 weeks is about 13.5 cm long and weighs .07 kg. This is about the size of an avocado pear. Your baby’s urinary and circulatory systems are working at a more advanced rate.

Baby’s head looks more normal even as the eyes and ears has fixed into their permanent position. The head also tends to be more erect and not angled forward as it had been for the first several weeks.

What Pregnancy Symptoms To Expect?

Here are the 16 weeks pregnant symptoms to continue with. Though, most of these symptoms may be familiar if this is not your first pregnancy.
Pregnancy Glow

When a woman gets pregnant, there is usually an increase in blood volume from 30 to 50 percent leading to more blood circulation all over your body which is usually called pregnancy glow. The high increase in blood flow causes your face to become brighter. Also your body produces hormones that make your oil glands to work expressively leaving your face shiny. But if you notice your skin is too oily, it helps to use an oil free cleanser to clear your face.
Constipation and Heartburn

Heartburn and constipation may not pass you by, almost all women faces this problems and it has been seen to be a pregnancy challenges.

When heartburns come, be more alert to know which foods trigger it. Spicy or fried foods are often seen to be the cause. Although they might be the foods you like most but it helps to stop eating them for pregnancy sake.

For constipation issue,

How to ease it? Eat foods with high fiber content. Foods like vegetables, bran cereals, beans, fresh and dried fruits and whole grain are natural source to reducing pregnancy constipation. Also look out for foods with low-fiber, high-fat such as processed meats and cheese can increase constipation.

If you follow a healthy diet, you should figure on gaining between 12 and 15 pounds this trimester. That estimate may differ if you were overweight or underweight at the start of your pregnancy.
Nosebleeds and Congestion

Nosebleeds or bleeding gum are common among pregnant women but harmless. This usually occurs when the extra pressure causes the tiny blood vessels in your nose to burst.

To stop nosebleed, it helps to sit down, keeping your head higher than your heart. Placing an ice pack on your nose also help to block blood vessels and stop bleeding rapidly. Do not lean with your head back ward as this may cause you to swallowing up blood.

Tips To Keep Healthy Pregnancy

Although you might be battling with some of the symptoms mention above and they may distract you but its necessary you remain committed to your pregnancy health. Foods are tools that power healthy pregnancy. Many women do crave for certain types of foods or fruits. All things being equal eat what you think you want but consider not eating those foods that may trigger pregnancy symptoms.

Eating foods such as fruits, yogurts, snacks that’s rich in protein and calcium will be a road to healthy you and baby.

Exercising is another way to keep body active but not strenuous ones. Swimming and walking are most pregnant women exercise to do. For reason best know to pregnancy researchers, make sure you informed your health care provider before any exercise routine.

In your quiet time when relaxing, you can start browsing the internet in search for car seats, cribs, baby monitors and other baby most needed belongings. Before shopping for any baby’s items, consider baby safety and comfort.

When To Call Your Doctor

Even at this pregnancy week 16, if you notice that your baby movement is constant or you’re not feeling the move at all up to 12 hours, put a call to your doctor. Sometime it may be you could not notice the moves but it safe you act on time.