You have made it to 15 weeks pregnant, lovely. You’re still taking shape of pregnancy and I hope it’s quite an interesting first trimester even though in the midst of morning sickness. Any way you’re not far from second trimester and if you have been suffering from morning sickness; it should be given way as you are about entry the next trimester. Here is what week 15 pregnancy comprises.

15 Weeks Pregnant: How Are You?

15 Weeks Pregnant: How Are You?

Weight gain is constant and the average weight gain during this week is estimated to be 5 pounds. So expect your belly to grow much bigger this week and also your breast and nipples darkening. With these physical changes, you may begin to desire a new wardrobe, shopping for maternity clothing that will bring more comfort. These outward changes will also make your pregnancy look more real to people around your environment. During this week pregnancy, expect to feel the first clutter of your baby movements but if you did not, all is well, most women don’t feel the moves till few up coming weeks.

Expect a shift in emotions but be sure to talk with your health care provider for any feeling that’s seems to bothers you. Eating and sex habits may either increase or decrease due to the changes going on with your body. Don’t bother yourself, they’re pregnancy challenges.

15 Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

Weeks Pregnant: How Is Your Baby?

Your baby is about the size of an apple. He or she will be about 12 cm long and weighs 2 ounces. The skeleton system of your baby can be seen now only if you can run an x-ray check up. And also, baby at this week can actually suck their thumbs which can be seen in ultrasound images.

Lots of development still happenings to your baby. This week 15, your little one skin is so thin that one can actually see the blood vessels through the skin.

Your baby’s ears still continues her development and should look more recognizable at the end of this week. Baby’s eyes are shifting toward the nose from the side of the head.

What Pregnancy Symptoms To Expect?

Since you’re already in the second trimester, symptoms to expect may be less intense compare to those experience in the previous trimester. During this second trimester in which week 15 falls, the following symptoms are common. These include:

  • Body aches
  • Darkening of the skin around your skin
  • And tingling in the feet and hands.

Although, morning sickness such as nausea, vomiting or fatigue symptoms may linger for sometime but it’s possible you recover your lost appetite soonest.

In rare cases, some women suffer from extreme morning sickness condition called hyperemesis gravidarum that may need hospitalization.

Such women may look dehydrated and should be treated with IV fluid resuscitation and other medications.

hyperemesis gravidarum may sometimes lead to pregnancy complications, including high risks of preterm preeclampsia and premature detachment of the placenta from the wall of the uterus among.

Be sure to call your health care provider if you experience persistent morning sickness during your second trimester weeks.

What Can You Do For A Healthy Pregnancy?

By this time of pregnancy, your appetite should be back from the types of food you ate in the previous trimester. This trimester may help you back to healthy eating plan throughout your pregnancy.

Remember you’re eating for two, your baby and you. But let this be in you that additional calories you may consume should be nourishing.

According to American Pregnancy Association advised that a pregnant woman to add an extra 300 calories per day to her diet. You can get these additional calories from foods such as:

  • Low-fat dairy
  • Vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Whole grains.

These foods contain additional nutrients like folic acid, calcium, protein, fiber and vitamins which your body required for a healthy pregnancy.

If you don’t know how to go about a healthy diet plan for your pregnancy, be sure to talk with your health care provider or book an appointment with a food dietitian who can organize your meal plan. You can as well visit United States Agricultural department, they offer daily food plan for women that can guide you to practice healthy diet plan.

With a healthy eating plan in place you can enjoy food that gives you and your baby plenty of nutrition. With increased energy levels in the second trimester, you may even feel ready to go out again. This plan can help you make smart choices if you are eating out with your partner, friends, or family.